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WM/PB & Financial Services

We specialize in $4 trillion AUM WM/PB industry in APAC. We work with local banks & security firms to support their pan regional growth aspirations

Banking on Wealth

APAC is the most exciting region for WM/PB, and home to >40% of world’s billionaires. The $4 trillion AUM APAC WM/PB industry, with Singapore & Hong Kong as the primary booking centres, has huge potential for further growth.



For regional and local banks, WM/PB is a very attractive business – large revenue pool, strong growth and most importantly, a capital-light model with high return on equity. Beyond the core retail banking, WM/PB continues to be a huge opportunity for local and regional banks across APAC to drive growth, improve ROE and transform their business portfolio.

As a strategy consulting firm, we partner with WM/PB firms across the region to drive their growth and transformation in this exciting region.

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