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Unicorns of Today, Wealth of Tomorrow

Large economies don't automatically create Unicorns. Innovation certainly does!

#Innovation and #unicorns are fundamentally changing the global economy structure. Unicorns of today are GDP growth & wealth of tomorrow.

6 economies stand-out in this race:

(1) #US & #China top the unicorn charts too, led by their highly innovate startup ecosystem and global reach. They are miles ahead of everyone else.

(2) #India is catching up quickly with 58 unicorns today - India has generated 22 new unicorns in the first 7 months of 2021!

(3) #UK stands tall in Europe with 31 unicorns - almost every other Fintech today has British roots.

(4) The most interesting though is #Israel - a moderate sized economy that has churned 18 unicorns! Majority of them focused on #artificialintelligence and #cybersecuirty

(5) #Singapore's focus on creating an innovative ecosystem is certainly paying off - 7 unicorns already today, and a few more in pipeline.

While the above stand-out, Japan, Italy, Russia, Spain & Taiwan surprisingly have almost no unicorns.

These countries and many others need to build a stronger start-up ecosystem. Recent history of disruption has a huge learning for all of us - relying on innovation of yesterday is simply not enough for the future!


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