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Nium - Singapore's Latest Fintech Unicorn

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

In July 2021, Nium entered the Fintech #unicorn Club, with the latest $200 mn round in funding. This is a proud moment for Singapore. It is not easy to create a Fintech unicorn based out of a relatively smaller home market. Nium (erstwhile Instarem.) instead took its ambitions global, right from word go. As a global B2B Payments firm, Nium's valuation is a reflection of its ever growing $8 bn transaction volume, fueled by its reach across 40+ markets as a licensed payments firm! Nium's journey though, is just getting started in the big global league. It was only earlier this month, #transferwise (rebranded Wise) went public - commanding a $18 bn valuation. Similarly, Remitly is targeting a $5bn IPO. In short, B2B Payments Fintech space is exciting. We at AMX Partners, like this space - very large global transaction banking volumes, chance to innovate and disrupt the banking system, a profitable business model, combined with customer scale of a B2B set-up. Looking forward to Nium scaling to >$25bn in transaction volumes in quarters ahead. #fintech #b2bpayments #unicornstartup #globalreach #payments #banking

About AMX Partners: Based out of Singapore, we are a Fintech & FS focused Pan-Asia Boutique Strategy Consulting Firm. We have the vision to create, shape, scale and innovate Fintech, Digital Banks and FS firms, together with our clients


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