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Decacorn is the New Unicorn

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

Fintech has come of age! Over the last 3 years, many global banks have lost 20% of their valuation.

Our Great Global Fintech Decacorns though have grown their valuation 9X, in the same period!

We have identified 19 of the largest #fintech#decacorns worldwide - from US, Euro Zone, UK, China, India, South America, Russia, Japan, & South Korea.

They are not just growing fast, but now are just as large as some of the most established banking brands!

Wonder, how this picture will evolve over the next 3 years!

About AMX Partners: Based out of Singapore, we are a Fintech & FS focused Pan-Asia Boutique Strategy Consulting Firm. We have the vision to create, shape, scale and innovate Fintech, Digital Banks and FS firms, together with our clients


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