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Revolut - Why is it valued at $33 bn?

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

Last week, #revolut reported a 6X increase in #valuation to $33 bn, making it among the largest Fintechs globally!

At first glance, their revenues are still <$0.5 bn and they have scaled their customer base somewhat gradually to 16 mn. So, why did the valuation jump 6X to $33 bn in just a year?

The real reason perhaps is their international expansion. Beyond Europe, Revolut is moving towards securing #digitalbank#licenses in US, UK - as well as India, Japan, and Australia.

Looking forward to, Revolut scaling up its customer base to >100 mn globally.

In addition, as they secure licenses, Revolut needs to #transform to a full-fledged #digitalbank with lending, deposits, insurance, investments to help scale up revenues.

In short, for its next stage of growth, Revolut needs to do a #NuBank - not just in one market, but across Europe, UK, US, India, Japan and Australia.

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